A Chaplains Guide to Reporting Human Trafficking – DoD Guidelines

While Chaplains have complete confidentiality for communications under MRE 503, Chaplains may report with explicit consent from the victim.

For Informational Purposes Only

These are the Reporting Procedures that DoD posts on its Combating Trafficking in Persons Website:

DoD Reporting Procedures for Alleged Trafficking in Persons Violations:

Report to your chain of command.

  • Report anything suspicious that you see to your chain of command.
  • You can report incidents to your local DoD Inspector General (IG) office, through the DoD IG Hotline at 1-800-424-9098, or their website http://www.dodig.mil/hotline
  • Report and avoid establishments or persons that you believe may be involved in TIP.
  • Never act ALONE. Trafficking situations are dangerous.
  • Reporting to local law enforcement is an option when outside military installations.

DoD Survivor Resources:

Other Federal Hotlines: