The DoD CTIP Micro-Training on Trafficking

The DoD’s CTIP Program Office now offers specialized online training on human trafficking for DHA Healthcare providers.

CTIP for DHA Healthcare Workers is a handy and accessible micro-training product covering topics such as:

  • physical and mental health issues of trafficking victims and survivors
  • signs and indicators of human trafficking in a DoD hospital or healthcare setting
  • barriers that victims face when seeking healthcare
  • biases that can hinder a healthcare provider's effective assistance of human trafficking victims
  • best practices for healthcare providers to identify and treat trafficking victims (for example, trauma-informed care)
  • multidisciplinary health teams and best practices to meet the needs of victims and survivors using best practice methods
  • mandatory reporting and working with social workers and law enforcement
  • new ICD-10 diagnostic codes for sex and labor trafficking
  • electronic medical records in human trafficking cases

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CTIP for DHA Healthcare Workers