Joint Knowledge Online


How do I get a JKO account?

DoD military and government civilians with a Common Access Card (CAC) can self-register for a JKO account. Go to and select “Login using my CAC” and complete an account profile. Individuals that do not have a CAC, but have a government or military email account (i.e., ending in .mil, .gov,, or may obtain a login and password account. Individuals and multi-nationals that do not have a CAC or government or military email account may request a sponsored account.

How do I find a course in JKO?

Once you are logged in, you can find courses in JKO by clicking the “Course Catalog” tab at top of the page. Search for a specific course, or courses with a particular topic or organization, using the search fields above each column, “Course Number” and “Title” and clicking the “Search” button. Narrow a search and sort by “Prefix” using the dropdown box and selecting the organizational prefix, such as “JFHQ.” If you know the course number, enter that information in the search field above the “Course Number” column and click “Search.” You can also browse the catalog using partial information. For example, you can enter a topic such as “Cultural Awareness” or “Joint Planning” in the search box above the “Title” column, click “Search” and it will return a listing of all courses in the JKO database containing that topic in the title.

How do I enroll in a course?

To enroll in a course selection, click the “Enroll” button associated with that course in the “Course Status” column. When prompted to confirm course enrollment selection, click “Continue.” The course will move to your “My Training” tab. You can start the course at this time by clicking the “Launch” button; otherwise, you can start the course at a later time or resume a course by following the directions to launch a course.

How do I get my course completion certificate?

To access the course completion certificate, click the “Certificates” tab and then click the certificate icon to the right of the course title that you’ve completed. It is not necessary to print or send your certificate to JKO. If you do not see a certificate icon after clicking the refresh icon ( refresh ) launch the course and go to the last lesson. Click “Next Lesson” to trigger the certificate generation.

What should I do if the system does not appear to be responding?

You should see a “spinning wheel” symbol that indicates the system is updating your student record. Please be patient and let the system process your request. Do not attempt to force the system to respond faster by clicking on other buttons because you may receive an application error.

I have CAC access at work but I want to login from home. How do I get an account?

Once you have logged into JKO using your CAC, an account has been created for you. No other account is required. If you are not able to use your CAC to login from home, you can set up your account to also use a username/password login. You can retrieve your user name in your profile or by going to the JKO login page and clicking "Forgot User Name." Your information will be emailed to the email address on file in your JKO "My Profile." See the FAQ titled "How do I reset my password?" for details on setting your password.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the JKO login page and click “Forgot Password.” Enter the user name and email address that is associated with your account. A “token” (i.e., temporary password) will be emailed to the email address on file in your JKO account profile. With the received token, return to the login page and click “Received a Token.” Enter the required information to reset your password.

How can I check my system requirements?

Click this link to Check System Requirements

Still have questions? Contact the JKO Help Desk